Russia to bring up minorities issue at EU summit

  • 2005-05-04
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia would raise the situation of ethnic Russian minorities in the Baltic countries at the Russian-EU summit on May 10.

In an interview in the journal Politichesky Zhurnal (to be published on May 3), Lavrov expressed hope that agreements on the so-called four common spaces can be signed at the Russian-EU summit on May 10 in Moscow. He added that a thorough discussion of implementation of the joint statement signed at the extension of the Russian-EU framework agreement was also on the agenda.

"Above all this pertains to the Kaliningrad freight traffic and observation of rights of the Russian minority in Latvia and Estonia," Lavrov said.

Speaking of Russian-EU relations, he said, "Naturally there are also unsolved questions between us, but this does not provide a basis to speak about any tension in Russian-EU relations."