Adamkus urges opposition to work with government

  • 2005-04-20
VILNIUS 's During a meeting with members of the opposition Liberal and Centrist faction on Tuesday, President Valdas Adamkus urged them to support the government so that the country will be able to meet criteria for introducing the euro in 2007.

"The president urged members of the opposition to support decisions of the government of the Republic of Lithuania that are beneficial for Lithuania and has obtained a consent," said Rita Grumadaite, who is in charge of the president's public relations. "Because turmoil in the politics or financial matters would not be good for Lithuania at this particular moment, when we are preparing for a very important step 's the introduction of euro in 2007."

Deputy Parliamentary Speaker Gintaras Steponavicius, a liberal centrist, said that the party is no longer satisfied with the decisions of the current government, especially when it comes to the tax reform, and said that the Liberal Centrists are prepared to take part in reforming the government.

"The half-done tax concept as it is presented now cannot provide a basis or a precondition for the coalition to survive. We said that we were not satisfied with the under-performing government," Steponavicius said after the meeting with the president. "In this context, we voiced our interest in and preparation for talks over possible scenarios of reforming the political government."