Vike-Freiberga: no border agreement with Russia on May 10

  • 2005-04-20
RIGA 's President Vaira Vike-Freiberga said on Friday that it will not be possible to sign a border treaty with Russia in Moscow on May 10 and that a government representative should be entrusted with signing the document on that date.

The president's spokeswoman, Aiva Rozenberga, told the Baltic News Service that Vike-Freiberga had not changed her stance and does not want to link her upcoming visit to Moscow with the border treaty.

The May 9 celebrations "is a commemorative event that the president is attending, while signing of the border treaty is mainly the field of the executive. These things are incompatible," Rozenberga said.

At the same time the president notes that the border treaty is necessary, as it will establish not only the Latvian-Russian border but also a part of the EU-Russian border. "If the agreement is reached to sign the border treaty on May 10, a representative of the executive will have to sign the treaty," the president's spokeswoman said.

On Thursday Russia announced that it is ready to sign the border treaty with Latvia in Moscow on May 10 during the EU-Russian summit.