Lietuva in brief - 2005-03-02

  • 2005-03-02
The Prosecutor General's Office asked the Court of Appeal to find former President Rolandas Paksas guilty of leaking state secrets on Feb. 28. Mindaugas Duda of the Prosecutor General's Office asked the court to cancel its ruling to acquit Paksas and hand down a new guilty ruling, along with a fine of 9,375 litas (2,715 euros). The court is considering an appeal against the ruling by a Vilnius court that acquitted Paksas of charges last fall. Paksas was accused of revealing to Yury Borisov, his most generous election campaign donor, that his telephone conversations had been wiretapped by the State Security Department in March 2003. The Vilnius District Court cleared Paksas of the charges in October last year.

The State Security Department will investigate how the media obtained a list of former KGB reservists from an ad hoc parliamentary commission after a TV channel showed a fragment of the list. A special group has been formed to ascertain which member of the commission investigating the KGB reserves leaked the confidential information to the media.

The government should assist Ukraine in its democratization and integration into European and international structures, according to Swedish Parliamentary Speaker Bjorn von Sydow. "Lithuania's contribution to the democratic process in Ukraine is very important. Your country is trusted a lot, and you have a lot of possibilities to help establish democratic institutions and a democratic life in Ukraine," said von Sydow. The parliamentary speaker added that Lithuania should share its experience of making the successful transition from a Soviet republic to a democratic state with Ukraine.