Hooliganism revisited

  • 2004-05-13
Two new films about soccer hooliganism have drawn criticism for glamorizing the sort of ugly violence that so badly marred the sport in the U.K. in the 1980s. "The Football Factory," released on May 14, examines the relationship between a group of Chelsea fans and shows their violent clashes with rival fans. And filming has just ended on "The Yank," an American film with the bizarre premise that a student expelled from Harvard, played by Hobbit-turned- hooligan Elijah Wood, joins forces with West Ham's once-infamous Inter City Firm. There are fears that some English fans will get nostalgic for the old bovver-boy days.

The $2 billion LA porn industry has ground to a halt after a fifth actress, "Miss Arroyo," tested positive for HIV following unprotected sex with an actor, according to the Adult Industry Medical Care Health Foundation. Some 50 people who performed with him and other HIV victims have been quarantined from "working" until they are given the all-clear. There are now calls for state regulation of the largely self-regulated industry and that performers must use condoms by law.