New ticket system in Riga public transport to be introduced next year

  • 2022-11-09
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Riga City Council today supported the ticket reform on Riga public transport.

The main changes will include transition from 135 different kinds of tickets, introducing time tickets, of which the cheapest one will be 90-minute ticket for EUR 1.50.

One-ride ticket will cost EUR 2. In fact, this kind of ticket can be only purchased from a driver, and the only route where a ticket can be bought from a driver is on bus 22, running from the Riga airport to the center.

Time tickets will include 90-minute ticket for EUR 1.5 and 24-hour ticket for EUR 5. Three-day ticket will cost EUR 8, five-day ticket will cost EUR 10 and a monthly ticket - EUR 30.

The costs of monthly tickets will be reduced by 40 percent - from EUR 50 to EUR 30.

Students, teachers, medics will preserve the 50 percent discount on monthly tickets. The changes will not affect the categories of passengers with 100 percent discounts - senior residents, pupils and people with disabilities. Working pensioners will also receive a 100 percent discount.