New light-vehicle registrations in the Baltic States grew by almost 22% in I quarter 2019

  • 2019-04-11
  • TBT Staff

Analysis of fully-processed registrations’ data performed by AV Automotive Research / AutoTyrimai, based on source data obtained from Regitra (Lithuania), CSDD (Latvia) and Maanteeamet (Estonia), shows that new light-vehicle (M1&N1) registrations in the Baltic States increased by 21.5% to 24’385 units in I quarter 2019. Backed by re-exports, Lithuania showed an indeed impressive growth rate and kept first position in the region (+58.9% to 11’505 units). Latvia remained the smallest market by volume but it was also growing one (+8.5% to 5’108 units). Estonia remained the second market by volume but it was the only one which suffered a decline (-4.3% to 7’772 units).

As for country share, Lithuania accounted for 47.2% of the total, while Estonia and Latvia respectively had 31.9% and 20.9% shares. When calculated per 1’000 inhabitants, Estonia was the clear leader here with its index 5.9, while Lithuania (4.1)
and Latvia (2.7) were left far behind.

There were 21’193 passenger cars (+21.2%) and 3’192 light commercial vehicles (+23.4%) registered in the Baltic States in I quarter 2019. The best performing makes (brands) were Fiat (3’991 units), Volkswagen (3’113), Toyota (2’665), Skoda (1’906) and
Renault (1’734). The most popular models were Fiat 500 (2’829 units), Toyota RAV4 (793), Fiat Tipo (791), Skoda Octavia (685) and Volkswagen Tiguan (667).