Nationwide Cleanup Campaign movement has brought up new generation of people who care for environment since early childhood - Levits

  • 2021-03-31
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Nationwide Cleanup Campaign movement has brought up a new generation - people who take care of their environment since early childhood, President Egils Levits emphasized on Wednesday.

Today, Levits participated in an online meeting of the Nationwide Cleanup Campaign's organizers and coordinators, congratulating participants in the Cleanup Campaign on Latvia being recognized as the country with the highest percentage of volunteers participating in the World Cleanup Day 2020, as Justine Deicmane from the President's Chancery told LETA.

The Nationwide Cleanup Campaign movement is important as it teaches people to take care of the environment they live in. "We can see that Latvia is, by and large, a tidy country when compared to many other countries," said Levits.

In his address, Levits also mentioned the Administrative Territorial Reform, stressing that he had always advocated for smaller communities - counties and villages' right to have democratically elected local representations. This is the best way to involve people in improving the environment they live in, he said.