MyDello secures €1.25 million investment to expand its operations

  • 2023-10-10

TALLINN - The international logistics platform MyDello has successfully received €1.25 million in funding. This investment will empower the platform's expansion efforts, strengthening its presence in the Baltic States and Sweden while venturing into new markets in Finland and the Netherlands.

According to Magnus Lepasalu, who has nearly two decades of experience in logistics and is one of the co-founders, MyDello was created due to the disappointment of the absence of global digital logistics solutions in the industry. "The logistics industry is in need of modernization as most information is communicated through emails and managing shipments remains a major challenge for logistics managers in industrial and wholesale companies. Many errors occur due to a lack of transparency in information. Our objective is to enhance the efficiency of global logistics by reducing waste in supply chains and introducing digitalization to international transport," he explains. 

MyDello raised €1.25 million in a seed round with Superhero Capital leading and other investors including Yevgeny Kabanov, Bolt's president, and angel investors from previous rounds.

“MyDello team's extensive knowledge and dedication to achieve results within the logistics industry impressed us. The traditional methods of international freight forwarding are undergoing a revolutionary transformation, and MyDello's digital platform is at the forefront of this change. The platform's unique feature of generating offers within seconds increases efficiency and convenience for all parties involved while reducing costs. It's worth noting that the logistics market is huge, with an annual turnover of €10 trillion," said Jussi Pyörre, one of the partners at Superhero Capital.  

"I'm glad they took the challenge to resolve the logistical deadlock many companies face. A team that can be trusted blindly because they have already managed to do great things in the same sector" added Kabanov.

MyDello, a digital logistics platform, was launched in May 2021 with the aim of making global shipping simple and convenient. MyDello helps companies to reduce logistics costs by 15-20%. Instead of asking for a quote by email or phone, the MyDello portal instantly displays solutions for air, road, rail and sea transport after the customer enters the shipment details, taking care of all the paperwork involved. All the delivery information is conveniently in one place, and shipments can be tracked in real-time. 

About MyDello

MyDello was born out of the frustration of the lack of digital solutions in global logistics.  As long-time logistics professionals, founders Magnus Lepasalu, Joel Timm and Siimu Kaas saw that companies needed a better way to manage shipments. So, they set out to develop a logistics platform from scratch that simplifies ordering and managing shipments across all modes of transport.  

MyDello makes global logistics simple and transparent by offering the best shipping options across all freight modes, with instant quotes and guaranteed prices. This means that even small companies that lack logistics expertise can finally compete on a level playing field with larger companies, while larger companies can also save time and money on logistics costs.