My repeat nomination for president is a matter for politicians - Levits

  • 2023-03-14
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - My repeat nomination is a matter for politicians, President Egils Levits told TV3 this morning.

Levits does not agree with opinions that he is currently acting more actively because the presidential elections are approaching. "I work all the time, and my schedule is full until July 8, when my mandate ends," said Levits, adding that after the end of his mandate he will be able to comment and analyze politics as an ordinary citizen, "which is also good and an interesting opportunity".

"Could I be a candidate for a second term - I do not know, this is a matter for politicians. Politicians are currently thinking more actively about this. Let us see what they figure out," said Levits, revealing that a number of politicians have already spoken to him about this, but the talks were unofficial.

"I will not speculate. Speculating in this case is the task of politicians, journalists, sofa experts, but not my task. We will see what decision the relevant parties and factions will make," said Levits about his possible candidacy for the high office for a second term.

Answering the question whether he himself would like to have a repeat term as president, Levits noted that so far no formal offer to run has come from politicians, but the answer could only be is such a formal offer is made. "This matter has been discussed informally, but I do not want to interfere so that the parties decide it themselves," added the president, emphasizing that if the parties believe that entrusting him with the position would be "meaningful and good", he would do so, but "if there is another solution, the ordinary citizen also has his advantages".