Minute Details to Consider That Will Improve Your Football Betting Odds

  • 2023-08-02

Football is one of the most popular and best sports to bet on for many reasons. One of them is the huge number of betting options when you consider all the proposition bets being offered, the number of bookies, and the number of leagues and teams around the world. It is also a sport that can be pretty predictable once you understand the variables that affect the game. 

People who are the most successful at betting on football are the ones that can see details that could increase the chances of a team winning, even if it is not reflected in a bookmaker's odds. Let’s take a look at a few minute details that could improve your football betting odds.

The League You Choose 

One of the best things you could do to instantly improve your results, not only with football, but in sports betting in general, would be to look at more obscure leagues. Top leagues have more competitive teams and are set up to be competitive, while smaller leagues will have greater gaps in talent. This means that you'll have an easier time finding sure bets in smaller leagues than in leagues like the Premier League or the Bundesliga. Check out some more tips on how to choose a league from the best Arizona online sports betting sites.

Internal Conflict

This one detail will give you the best chances of finding upsets if you can manage to stay on top of the news. Conflict between players can ruin a locker room and affect the play on the field. Conflict between players and the coaching staff can also make a difference.

Another thing you should check out is if a particular player is feeling unsatisfied with their team. This will often happen with great players who are on consistently underperforming teams. You should also check if certain players are in the process of negotiating their contracts. Players in contract negotiations will often start performing better so they can prove their worth. These are all things you should try to pick up on if you want to get an advantage.

Rivalries Between Players

People will often focus on rivalries between teams, but rivalries between players or between players and certain teams can be just as strong and have a much stronger impact on the game. If a particular striker has a history against a defender that injured him or a player goes against a player that got him a bad call at a crucial moment, you can expect them to pay with a chip on their shoulder when playing against that player.

There are also cases when players have an issue with an organisation because of how they treated them in the past. This is why some players play harder when they play against their old teams, especially if the split was bitter. You also have players who are hated by certain fanbases. This can work for or against certain players, however, so check the details to see how the player performed in a particular stadium and determine whether they tend to do better or worse there.

This would also be an opportunity to capitalise on certain prop bets. You might be able to maximise your chances by betting on a team to win and making a bet on a player’s individual performance, even if they’re on the losing team.

The Referees

Referees play a very important role in football and knowing who the referees are before a game is very important. Some referees are known for being tougher than others or being particularly tough against certain teams. Some teams mysteriously tend to get fewer calls than others. These are all things that you could use to your advantage.

Not only will getting background information on referees help you get an idea of whether a certain team will get penalised, but it will also allow you to make money on prop bets. If you know that a referee is trigger happy and one of the teams traditionally gets a lot of calls, you could make some easy money on the side by betting on the number of cards that will be given out.

These are all subtle things that will allow you to have an edge when betting on football. Attention to detail is probably the most important skill to have as a punter, so try to develop it and look at things other people won’t.