Ministries propose debate on stricter requirements for unvaccinated persons

  • 2021-07-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ministries are calling for a debate on stricter requirements for persons that have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the ministries' proposals on how to promote vaccination against Covid-19 that have been submitted to the Health Ministry.  

The government is deciding on the proposal aggregated by the Health Ministry at its meeting on Tuesday. The proposals mostly provide for organizing information campaigns aimed at encouraging people to get the jab. 

However, some of the proposals, which will be considered separately from the government's vaccination promotion plan, envisage tougher requirements for unvaccinated persons. 

The Defense Ministry proposes making vaccination against Covid-19 a necessary precondition for work in certain professions involving high epidemiological risks. The ministry also proposes strict epidemiological safety measures for unvaccinated persons at public places in order to reduce public health risks. 

To motivate people to get the short, the Defense Ministry proposes granting vaccinated persons additional day-off from work. The Economics Ministry supported the proposal and recommended giving the day-off to people after they complete the full immunization process. The motivating measure would cost between EUR 18-20 million, depending on the number of employees claiming the day-off.

The Interior Ministry has proposed making vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory for employees whose job duties involve ensuring the continuity of essential state functions and services and who provide services in person.

According to the Interior Ministry's information, the vaccination requirement would apply to persons working in the State Police, State Border Guard, State Fire and Rescue Service and the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. 

The Interior Ministry also proposes granting a paid day-off from work to the vaccinated employees and keeping a number of Covid-19 restrictions, for instance, a ban on gatherings, in place for the unvaccinated persons.