MEP Zile hopes for transatlantic response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine

  • 2022-02-18
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - European Parliament Vice President Roberts Zile (National Alliance) hopes for a transatlantic response from NATO to Russia's aggression against Ukraine. 

Commenting to Latvian Radio on the situation around Ukraine, the MEP said that the European Union (EU) and NATO should impose sanctions on Russia in case of an invasion. 

"In case of the so-called military technical measures, which the US warns can come at any time, I believe there should definitely be sanctions. Otherwise it would be a great weakness of the EU," said Zile. 

At the same time, the MEP noted that it is still not clear how severe the sanctions will be and what result they might achieve. 

"I very much hope for a transatlantic response, basically a response from NATO members. There will be some joint response from the EU as well, but it can only mitigate this conceptual approach. This is a moment when instead of thinking about appeasing, we should rather show a strict stance regarding Russia's aggressive policy," Zile said.

The MEP believes that Russia has already gained from the standoff, as leaders of other countries are going to Moscow to sit at the "table and try to negotiate something" with Russian President Vladimir Putin.