Memorandum to be signed about rights and obligations of Canadian soldiers deployed to Latvia

  • 2018-01-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Latvian Defense Ministry has drafted a memorandum of understanding with detailed description of the rights and obligations of the Canadian soldiers deployed to Latvia as part of a NATO multi-national battle group so that Latvia would continue enjoying the collective defense guarantees provided by Canada as the lead nation of the NATO battle group.

There is already active ongoing cooperation with Canada but creating a legal framework specifying the rights and obligations of the Canadian Armed Forces, their dependants and the contractors of the Canadian government during their stay in Latvia is a precondition for permanent presence of the Canadian forces.

To this end, the Latvian Defense Ministry has drafted the memorandum of understanding on enhanced defense partnership and security cooperation. The memorandum deals with the Canadians' access to military infrastructure and other facilities in Latvia and the work of the Canadian construction contractors in those facilities.

All buildings altered, improved or built by the Canadian forces in Latvia will be the property of the Latvian government but will be used by the Canada as long as necessary.

Latvia will waive the visa requirements for the Canadian soldiers, members of the civilian component, dependants, and contractors.

Latvian authorities will honor the registration documents and licensing by the Canadian military and civilian authorities of the motor vehicles and trailers of the Canadian force, its dependants and contractors.

Activities by the Canadian government when implementing defense cooperation and investing in strengthening of the Latvian defense capacity will be tax exempt, and there will also be personal tax exemptions for the members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their dependants.