Maxima Strengthens HR Leadership Team

  • 2019-11-25
  • TBT Staff

Maxima Latvija is strengthening its leadership team as Gunita Ķiesnere joins as Chief People Officer and Board Member. She was previously responsible for human resources at Fazer Group companies in the Baltics, Russia and Nordics.

“People are key for any business and I am honoured to join the team of the largest employer in the country, Maxima Latvija, at a time when it is actively investing resources in well-being and development of its people. I will be pleased to further develop our teams so that our customers enjoy excellent service and experience throughout the network of your stores nationwide,” said Gunita Ķiesnere.

Gunita Ķiesnere is responsible for developing and implementing the human resources strategy of Maxima, as well as strengthening employee motivation, engagement and well-being. Improvements in the work environment, the introduction of modern technology and ergonomically sound workplaces are initiatives that have already been implemented and appreciated by shop assistants in particular. Special consideration is also given to customised employment plans for each professional, including flexible work schedules to balance work with family life.

Gunita Ķiesnere has over 20 years of experience in human resources and business management at such international companies as Fazer, Lindex, Rimi and Statoil. Ķiesnere holds an EMBA degree from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga).

Gunita Ķiesnere is joining the board of Maxima Latvija, which now consists of six members. Together with G. Ķiesnere, the Board of Directors of Maxima Latvija is made up of Andris Vilcmeiers, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Kristīne Āboltiņa, Chief Operating Officer, Viktors Troicins, Chief Commercial Officer, Jānis Vanags, Chief Corporate Officer, and Valdis Zeps, Chief Financial Officer.