Maxima expands selection of local meat

  • 2019-05-03
  • TBT Staff

Expanding its collaboration with local producers, retail chain Maxima Latvija has increased the selection of fresh meat under its private label Meistara Marka brand, offering goods directly from a leading Latvian producer - Rēzeknes Gaļas Kombināts. Maxima’s range has been expanded with six pre-sliced, ready to cook Meistara Marka meat products, simplifying meal preparation.

“Local products in Maxima stores are part of the company’s strategy to offer goods which are highly appreciated by our consumer. We continuously search for new partners to expand range of local products in our shops, as well as always looking for local business partners to expand collaboration with Maxima’s private label category. To provide a wide selection of meat products at excellent value to the customer, we have selected Rēzeknes Gaļas Kombināts, one of Latvia’s leading meat producers, as our partner,” explains Edvīns Lakstīgala, Director of Purchasing Department at Maxima Latvija.

Six ready to cook pork products will be available to Maxima customers as part of the new Meistara Marka fresh meat range: pork shoulder, boneless picnic ham, pork goulash, boneless pork loin, pork leg and pork tenderloin. For customers’ convenience, the meat will be offered pre-sliced, making meal preparation easier both for everyday and special occasions.