Maxima encourages moderation as alcohol prices fall

  • 2019-08-07
  • TBT Staff

During the summer holiday and festival season, Maxima reminds its customers to consume alcohol responsibly during their leisure time, regardless of the reduction in alcohol prices due to changes to excise duty on strong alcoholic beverages.

“Low prices which are accessible for our customers are one of the main strategic objectives for Maxima Latvija. Prices will be reduced in Maxima stores as soon as goods with the lowered excise duty—which is added before the goods arrive at the store from the supplier—are delivered to us. At the same time, we have made the decision to reduce prices, to our own cost, by 30% of the excise duty reduction for those products which have already been delivered with the previous higher excise duty. Thus the store price for customers for one product will be up to 15% lower for more affordable drinks. Regardless of these changes, we ask customers to continue enjoying the summer holiday season in moderation,” comments Maxima Latvija Board Member Viktors Troicins.

As previously reported, and as part of Maxima Latvija’s price leadership strategy, prices for a range of everyday and premium goods and products have been significantly lowered long-term, offering the Latvian public more than 1,000 products at Latvia’s lowest price. Before the price reductions, Maxima Latvija carefully analysed internal data to identify the product categories which are most important to shoppers and are most often added to grocery baskets.