Martynas Kuliavas and friends at the “Undiscovered Sensations” concert

  • 2017-03-27
  • Gintaras Kamsiukas

Arts Libera International and “Prior Music” continues introducing the unique concerts of a high artistic level to the Lithuanian audience. This time, art lovers will be invited to hear the creative inspirations of famous Lithuanian guitar player and composer Martynas Kuliavas.  

            For his new project called Undiscovered Sensations, Martynas Kuliavas invited an ensemble of multipart singers Ūtara. Rediscovering this genre of archaic polyphony originating in prehistory times, guitar virtuoso, composer of songs and musical improvisations of various styles Martynas Kuliavas as if is entering the unfamiliar space, closed and undiscovered land of Eternal womanhood. Multipart singing is more than mere signing, it is a ritual act believing that sound and voice echoing across the lands have magical powers. Multipart signing has no distinctive beginning and ending, no rhythm, no usual dynamics – it is flowing and monotonous like a river. It's mystery, introverted movement and hypnotising stereo sound, subtly entwined into the creation of Martynas Kuliavas, are the awakening passion for improvisational experiment or erotic 'undiscovered sensation'. 

            Together with the international group of musicians: pianist Aurelijus Ščiuka, bass guitar player Greek Lakis Economou and drum player Mike Horne from the South African Republic, guitar virtuoso Martynas Kuliavas is reviving deeply-forgotten instrumental tradition of multipart signing, when men accompanying women singing were blowing long pipes or horns, playing old Lithuanian wind instrument Skudučiai and chordophones. But this old tradition this time is replaced with the modern one – Martynas Kuliavas' undiscovered musical sensations based on fusion, the stylistics of rock, blues, jazz and jazz-rock. 

            We are inviting everyone who loves professional and quality art to grasp the opportunity to see the concert, and to book tickets in advance. With the concert approaching, the price of the tickets will rise