Long lines of trucks reported at Latvia's borders with Russia and Belarus

  • 2022-02-17
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Long lines of trucks have formed this week at checkpoints on Latvia's borders with Russia and Belarus, LETA was told at the State Revenue Service. 

On Thursday, around 320 trucks were waiting to cross from Latvia into Russia at the Terehova border checkpoint, with the projected waiting time being 27 hours. Thirty trucks were reported to be queueing at the Grebneva checkpoint. The average waiting time there was eight hours. 

At the Silene border checkpoint, 130 trucks were lining to cross from Latvia into Belarus. Their waiting time was projected at around 17 hours. Another 225 trucks were queueing at the Paternieki checkpoint, with each of them expected to cross the Latvia-Belarus border in 36 hours. 

The Belarusian border guard service informed that on Belarus' side, 640 trucks were waiting in line at the Grigorovshcina-Paternieki crossing and 560 trucks at the Urbani-Silene crossing.

According to the State Revenue Service, long truck lines were reported on Belarus' borders with all EU member states, including Latvia, due to various causes, including changes in customs checkpoints' operations, introduction of e-seals, as well as disruptions in some EU member states' information systems.