Lithuanian prosecutors open probe into 'possible terrorization' of health minister

  • 2021-10-18
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuanian prosecutors said on Monday they have launched a pre-trial investigation into "possible terrorization" of Health Minister Arunas Dulkys. 

The chief prosecutor of the region of Vilnius decided to open the probe based on the minister's statement, according to the press release.  

Dulkys said earlier that he had complained to the police about threats he was receiving because of his decisions in managing the coronavirus pandemic. 

"At first, we tried to take it easy in the family, as a game. But as time went on, it became less and less like a game, and we saw organized actions," the minister told news website in an interview published on Monday. "I have already turned to the police because of some cases."  

Dulkys said he was receiving direct threats in his official email.

"And although people are hiding under various fake names, I want to say that I will not tolerate such things," he said.

According to the prosecutors, the probe is based on the Criminal Code's article that provides for punishment for "any person who terrorizes a person by threatening to blow him up, to set him on fire or to commit another act dangerous to his life, health or property or who systematically intimidates the person by using mental coercion".