Lithuanian Post is launching a new brand name for parcel lockers in Latvia and Estonia – Unisend

  • 2023-12-01

LP EXPRESS, parcel delivery network by Lithuanian Post, is launching a new brand name for Latvian and Estonian markets. In these countries parcel delivery network will be known as Unisend.

A network of around 300 Unisend parcel lockers will be operational in Latvia and Estonia in the upcoming spring. After this expansion, Lithuanian Post will have the network of more than 700 parcel lockers in three Baltic states.  A total investment of over EUR 4 million will be allocated for this development. 

"More than a decade ago, we were the first to successfully introduce parcel lockers to the Lithuanian market. Today, as e-commerce continues to grow and international e-commerce platforms view the Baltic States as a single market, we are ready to become a trusted parcel delivery partner across the region. Unisend will not only ensure an easy shipping process and a smooth parcel journey but will also help businesses grow by offering optimal solutions. A team of experienced Unisend professionals will help you to receive your parcels on time and conveniently and to adapt to the dynamically changing needs of your customers," says Rolandas Zukas, CEO of Lithuanian Post.

On average, almost 1 million parcels are delivered through LP EXPRESS network each month. Over 97% of LP EXPRESS parcels reach their receivers the very next working day. 

The new Unisend brand will gradually appear next spring also on more than 400 LP EXPRESS parcel lockers in Lithuania. 

Currently, 6 out of 10 parcels in Lithuania are delivered through parcel lockers. In the Baltic States, the volume of parcels travelling through parcel lockers is increasing steadily, mostly due to rapidly growing e-commerce market (around 11% annually).