Lithuanian PM, German chancellor discuss aid to Ukraine, German brigade

  • 2024-03-15
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte meet with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Thursday to discuss support for Ukraine and the deployment of Germany's brigade in Lithuania. 

"We are grateful to Germany for the decision to station a brigade in Lithuania, which strengthens the security of the entire NATO alliance, and for its contribution to the security of Lithuania and our region for many years on the run," Simonyte said in a press release.

"Such leadership is key against the backdrop of current geopolitical challenges," the prime minister said.

"The decision on the brigade takes our security cooperation to a qualitatively new level and I hope that we will soon be able to talk about new breakthroughs in other areas. I have no doubt that having more Germany in Lithuania and more Lithuania in Germany would contribute to the prosperity of both countries," she said. 

Simonyte also "noted the strong public support for the stationing of the German brigade in Lithuania, assuring that Lithuania, as the host country, will provide all necessary conditions for German troops and their families", according to the press release.

Berlin and Vilnius have agreed on the permanent deployment of a German brigade in Lithuania. This is planned to be done by 2027, with a total of around 5,000 troops and civilians expected to relocate to Lithuania. 

In preparation for hosting the brigade, infrastructure being put in place for thousands of German military personnel and their families.

Speaking about the security situation amid Russia's aggression against Ukraine, the Lithuanian prime minister "emphasized that Russia's intimidation should not weaken our resolve nor hinder our support for Ukraine".

Simonyte and Scholz also discussed the need to strengthen the defense industry in EU member countries, according to the press release.