Lithuanian parlt speaker in Kyiv

  • 2022-03-24
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Speaker of the Seimas o Lithunaia Viktorija Cmilyte-Nielsen  is in Kyiv on Thursday.

She announced te news on facebook

"I am in Kyiv today. Full of courage and faith. Today, 29 days of war are too many. Every minute of war is too much," she said in the post.

The Ukrainians are fighting not only for their freedom and sovereignty, but also for the freedom of the whole of Europe, Cmilyte-Nielsen said, adding that Europe, on its part, must now help Ukraine, providing both humanitarian and military aid, as well as through diplomatic means.

"But what has been done is still not enough. We must demand every day an end to the brutal aggression and the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity. We must continue to consistently assist with real defensive, political, financial, humanitarian and other assistance, ensure Ukraine's air defense and grant Ukraine EU candidate status as soon as possible", the speaker of the Seimas said.

She visited Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada together with her Latvian and Estonian counterparts.