Lithuanian logistics company Dignis Trade receives offer from global star

  • 2019-08-29

Dignis Trade, a Lithuanian company offering logistics solutions for businesses, will go down in history as the company which was able to undertake a task that big logistics companies declined. The Lithuanian company received a large order from a global star. 

The famous rock band Ram-mstein, known for its lavish decorations and pyrotechnic special effects, holds its only concert in the Baltic States on August 6 in Riga, and it entrusted Dignis Trade with the transportation of its stage and security services valued at 1.5 million Euro. 

Obtained 12 trucks

‘We had to obtain 12 trucks to deliver the cargo to Latvia within a one hour window and to provide physical security and live video monitoring of the cargo in storage 24 hours a day. There was a company that promised to take on the job but failed to execute the contract. They threw in the towel, while we managed to organize everything on time. Our supervisors from Germany admired our organisational skills and praised the high level of services’, says Andrius Lomakinas, the Marketing Manager at Dignis Trade. 

It is the largest order in the history of Dignis Trade. Also,the Lithuanian company was honoured to provide logistics services after an Ed Sheeran concert. 

Express shipping – a priority 

Over the years, Dignis Trade has built a network of trusted partners – they kept the ones they can trust and gradually found out their strengths in different areas. 

The partners manage over 500 trucks, 2,000 vans and 8 warehouses in Germany, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Romania and other European countries. 

‘We are best at express shipping. We have no wish to enter the market where there is fierce competition, where 5,000 carriers are fighting for a 20–50 Euro pay. We have selected our top priority which is express shipping – we can deliver a minibus in 1–2 hours at any destination in Europe. We know how to do it, we are familiar with the dangers, the risks and the areas to be supervised in order to prevent failures. We follow the route responsibly, constantly monitor the location of the driver and the shipment, and give commands as to what to do and what not to do. This is far more interesting’, admits Lomakinas.  

When there is no one else

Mostly, the company takes care of the delivery, transportation or storage of electronic goods: mobile phones, televisions, tablets, computers, and sometimes luxury furniture and jewellery. 

‘Also, we offer exceptionally good insurance services, which is more than other companies can offer. We have many clients who call us only when no one else can help them. Most of these companies have their own carriers which transport their goods at a low enough cost but follow carrier-friendly deadlines. And when they fail, that is where we come in,’ says Lomakinas. 

Dignis Trade usually receives calls in the evenings and on weekends, when some other company mismanages a delivery or when there is an urgent pick-up and delivery to a different country in Europe. 

‘We always lend a hand. In cases like these, the client no longer cares about the price as long as we do it on time. Most are surprised to find out our services do not cost a fortune,’ says Lomakinas. 

The Marketing Manager recalls a case where a certain carrier had to deliver two trees to an opening ceremony by 12pm on a Friday. ‘The client was surprised to know that we will do it on time and 200 Euro cheaper than their regular carrier’, says Lomakinas with a smile. 

Collected the cargo in 15 minutes

Express deliveries usually cover an average of 1,500 to 1,800 kilometres. The longest distance covered this year was 2,640 kilometres from Barcelona to Athens. The shortest time to collect the shipment was 15 minutes. 

‘Of course, it was a lucky coincidence that we had a returning vehicle near by. It was the end of a working day and the client contacted us with a request for urgent pick-up in Slovakia. The customer had not yet been able to fill out an order but the minibus was already waiting for loading. Our clients know that this is how we do it. They said: ‘Your price is 50 Euro higher, but I don’t have to watch over you; I simply place the order and I know for sure you will deliver’, Lomakinas recalls the comment of a client. 

He recognizes that trust is one of the most important things in business. 

‘If something happens at three in the night, I don’t call the client to tell him or her that our vehicle is failing. I go and solve the problem. The shipment arrives on time and the client is happy. The key is to be willing to solve the problems, you just have to look for a solution which is always there’, says Lomakinas, the Marketing Manager at Dignis Trade.  

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