Lithuanian govt plans to extend lockdown, allow certain activities to resume

  • 2020-04-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – The Lithuanian government is set on Wednesday to consider extending the existing lockdown until May 11 but will also lift certain restrictions and allow certain businesses and institutions to reopen.

The Cabinet will consider a proposal to allow businesses where people's contact would last more than 20 minutes, as allowed now, to reopen. If such a decision is made, outdoor cafes, some providers of beauty services, the organizers of driving exams will be allowed to resume their operation, alongside golf, tennis and other sports premises, outdoor zoos, botanical gardens, libraries and museums.

People will have to wear facemasks, excluding the time of eating at catering venues.

Last week, the Lithuanian government allowed non-food shops with direct entry from the outside, as well as small repair shops and the providers of household services, to reopen.

Later on, the government plans to allow all catering establishments, health services, sports clubs, leisure and entertainment and education establishments to reopen. The fourth stage would allow mass events.

Lithuania was placed under quarantine on March 16 to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and all education establishments and the majority of trading venues, excluding food ships and pharmacies, were closed.