Lithuanian businesses feel bigger competition on gas supplies market - daily

  • 2018-01-05
  • LETA/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Competition on the gas supplies market in Lithuania is escalating after the discount of the price for Lietuvos Duju Tiekimas (Lithuanian Gas Supply, LDT) from Russia's gas exporter Gazprom expired last summer, Verslo Zinios business daily said.

"The conjuncture of pricing has changed. Until then, there was the gas price and the margin – a price consisting of administrative costs and various fees. It has declined now. We can see that this can benefit consumers. We are sensitive to heating prices, where the gas part is one of the largest ones, therefore, cheaper gas allows reducing the price for our products," said Mindaugas Pupienis, CEO of Kietaviskiu Gausa, a company that grows vegetables in greenhouses.

Mindaugas Viselga, energy expert at Mantiga producer of frozen products, says the competition among gas suppliers started earlier than the start of the year. In his words, everyone knew back in 2017 that the discount would end, therefore, companies offering gas supplies emerged last summer. Viselga said the competition would only escalate in the future.