Lithuanian agency bans Czech circus' elephant shows

  • 2019-06-23
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuania's Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawn its permit for the Francesko Jung circus from the Czech Republic to publicly exhibit its elephant.

"Upon discovery of violations related to the animal's welfare, the animal's improper care and failure to comply with the animal exhibition conditions stated in the permit, the agency has made the decision to withdraw the issued permit," the agency told BNS Lithuania.

The document in BNS Lithuania's possession states that the circus is allowed to publicly exhibit the elephant from the middle of April, but the circus started doing so on March 27.

The agency states that due to Lithuania's climatic conditions, the most appropriate month to bring the animal in is April, therefore issued the permit from the middle of April.

The document also states that the circus was issued a fine of 75 euros on April 5 for the elephant's performance on April 4 in Vilnius and for failure to comply with the permit conditions. Also in May, the circus was issued two fines of 15 and 120 euros for failure to ensure proper keeping conditions for the animal and its care.

The Environmental Protection Department told BNS Lithuania the circus will be visited on Friday to see if there will be performances with the elephant and will make appropriate decisions.

The circus is now in Visaginas and shows are planned on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.