Lithuania's genocide center launches website on people repressed in 1940-1953

  • 2020-06-01
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – The Genocide and Resistance Research Center of Lithuania (GRRCL) has on Monday launched a publicly accessible website about people repressed by the Soviets in 1940-1953.

Information can be accessed on and includes information about Lithuanian residents who were repressed – deported, jailed or killed – by the Soviet government during the period.

The collection of this data started in 1988 after a Commission for the Investigation of Stalinist Crimes (the so-called Sajudis Commission) was established and its first chair was Julius Juzeliunas, one of the Sajudis co-founders.

Over 150,000 testimonies, including questionnaires, documents, letters as well as short and long stories, about Lithuanian residents' repressions as well as armed and civic resistance against the Soviet occupation regime have been collected.

The aforementioned website provides key information about repressed people, including their names, surnames, the dates of births, the place of residence during repressions, the nature of repressions, the year, the region of deportation or imprisonment in the Soviet Union etc.

The website's visitors will be able to search for information based on various criteria and will also have the possibility to specify or update information.