Lithuania's DefMin signs contracts on construction of three military facilities

  • 2021-01-10
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS -  Lithuanian Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anusauskas on Friday signed contracts on the construction of three military facilities Siauliai, Vilnius District and Silale District.

The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts were signed with Salvinta and Partnerystes Projektai Keturi.

The companies will construct brand new military infrastructure for three battalion-sized units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in Siauliai, Vilnius District and Silale District, the National Defense Ministry said, noting that this is the first time the national defense system will develop infrastructure through PPP.

"Choosing the PPP method for developing the new infrastructure has enabled us to have three new military facilities soon, while the expenditure of their construction and maintenance will be allocated over a longer period and thus the burden on the national defense budget will be abated," the national defense minister was quoted as saying in a statement.

The total value of the three contracts amounts to around 168 million euros.

The method of partnership selected by the Ministry of National Defence allows distributing and paying the large costs of the development in equal parts over 12.5 from the point the facilities are completed according to all contractual requirements and put into operation.

All the new military facilities will have barracks, headquarters, canteens, welfare, sports, medical, equipment maintenance facilities, and other services a military infrastructure requires. All the tree of them will accommodate roughly 3,000 troops in total.