Lithuania Lights Up Europe with the Most Sustainable Christmas Tree

  • 2023-12-01

Lithuania is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Europe to visit during Christmas. Each year, Lithuania showcases enchanting Christmas trees that become global sensations.

For example, designed by the visionary Dominykas Koncevičius in 2015, the whimsical Christmas tree-house has become a sensation from Lebanon to South Korea, setting a trend for extraordinary holiday creations.

Beyond their decorative brilliance, these Christmas trees are now canvases for impactful messages. In Vilnius, Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, there's a 9-meter-tall Christmas tree made from electronic waste, shining a light on sustainability.

Its foundation consists of disused light reflectors. Combined with a green light garland, repurposed many times over, they create the impression of futuristic plants. Reflectors placed inside the Christmas tree reflect light in all directions, producing a magical glow.

At the base of the Christmas installation, you'll discover common household items and retired electronic fare collectors from public transport. They all remind us that electronic waste should be properly recycled or given a second chance at life.

"This installation is a glimpse into a potential future, illustrating the consequences of neglecting our responsibility towards human-generated waste. In the end, it's a catalyst for irreversible change in our surroundings," emphasizes the visionary behind it, D. Koncevičius. 

The project was implemented in collaboration with EMP Recycling, the largest electronic waste recycling company in the Baltic states.

As we revel in the joy of the season, let's reflect on the global impact of our celebrations. Did you know, over 100 million rubbish bags head to landfills during Christmas, and waste spikes by 25 to 30% globally? These stark facts, highlighted by Biffa, call for conscious celebration.

A study by the European Commission reveals that the average household houses 72 electronic devices, with 11 lying dormant. This means every home holds potential treasures waiting to be repurposed, recycled, or given a new lease on life.

This holiday, join Lithuania in leading the way towards sustainable celebrations. Let's embrace the magic of conscious festivities together!