Lithuania: Swedbank leads in terms of assets, deposits, SEB in terms of loan portfolio

  • 2018-10-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Swedbank led in terms of accumulated assets on the Lithuanian market in late June, consolidated figures show, and it also had the largest amount of deposits.

Meanwhile, SEB was the leader in terms of the loan portfolio.

Swedbank had 8.185 billion euros in accumulated assets in late June, figures from the Bank of Lithuania show, controlling 30.7 percent of the Lithuanian banking market.

SEB came in second with 7.446 billion euros (27.9 percent), followed by Luminor (set up following a merger of DNB and Nordea Bank's Lithuanian branch) with 6.419 billion euros (24.1 percent).

SEB bank's portfolio of loans and other advanced payments stood at 6.238 billion euros, followed by Luminor's 5.254 billion euros, and Swedbank's 5.164 billion euros, with SEB controlling 31.3 percent of the market, followed by Luminor (26.4 percent) and Swedbank (26 percent).

SEB also led in terms of loans issued to non-financial companies with 3.581 billion euros (35.5 percent of the market), and Swedbank came first in terms of mortgages issued to residents – 2.529 billion euros (35.1 percent of the market).

Swedbank's total deposit portfolio stood at 7.294 billion euros in late June (35.8 percent of the market). SEB's total deposit portfolio was valued at 5.588 billion euros (27.4 percent of the market), followed by Luminor with 3.84 billion euros (18.9 percent) and Siauliu Bankas with 1.779 billion euros (8.7 percent).

6 commercial banks and 6 foreign bank branches operated in Lithuania in late June.