Lidl already cooperates with over 50 local producers

  • 2022-11-15

On the eve of Latvia's national celebrations, Lidl is proud to inform that the share of local producers, represented at Lidl Latvija stores, has increased 2,5 times.

A year ago, when Lidl started its operations in Latvia, company cooperated with approximately 20 local producers. Now production of over 50 local producers and farmers is presented on shelves of the Lidl stores in Latvija. Lidl will keep developing successful cooperation with large and small local farmers and food producers also in the future.

“Cooperation with local producers is one of the basic Lidl principles in every country where we work. We are pleased that in a relatively short time we have added to our daily Lidl international food brand assortment locally produced milk, meat, fish and confectionery products, as well as seasonal range of fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to develop this cooperation in the future as well", says Alexandru Mag, member of the Board of Lidl Latvija responsible for the purchases.

He also emphasizes that the most important condition for mutually successful cooperation is consistently high product quality and compliance with Lidl quality requirements in each of the product groups.

“For local producers, cooperation with Lidl means arranging their production processes in accordance with the requirements of international audits and certifications. The main beneficiaries in this process are all of us and, first of all, our local consumers,” underlines Alexandru Mag.

Lidl's extensive international store network and uniform work principles also provide Latvian producers with new export opportunities. A number of Latvian products are already available in Estonian Lidl stores, and such export opportunities will only increase over time. 

The offer of Latvia-made products in Lidl stores continues to grow. Under local producer brands or Lidl’s private labels, customers can buy dairy and meat products, seasonal vegetables and fruits, beverages (beer and kvass), pastries and cereal products.

About Lidl

Lidl, as part of the Schwarz retail group headquartered in Neckarsulm, is one of the leading companies in the food retail industry in Germany and Europe. Lidl is represented in 32 countries around the world and currently operates over 12 000 stores and more than 200 logistics centers and warehouses in 31 countries worldwide, and is represented in Asia.

SIA Lidl Latvija was established in February 2018 and opened its store network in Latvia on October 7, 2021. Currently, Lidl Latvija has 19 stores in 11 Latvian cities. A team of almost 2,000 colleagues works in the company's logistics center, stores and office. See more about Lidl Latvija at: and LinkedIn.