Levits calls on young people to speak and think in the Latvian language

  • 2020-10-15
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - President Egils Levits calls on young people to speak and think in Latvian and to ensure that the language is not polluted with borrowings from foreign languages.

In a statement, Levits calls on young people to become guardians of the state language, emphasizing that without the Latvian language there would be no Latvian state.

"At least eight, nine generations of Latvians have fought for the recognition of the Latvian language before you. But your role is special! Help maintain these achievements by using the Latvian language on a daily basis and improving and modernizing it over time," said the president.

The politician noted that knowing foreign languages is valuable and necessary, "but only in our native language can we fully express in words what we really feel".

"Each of you can become a guardian of the Latvian language. Help your friends who say they lack a word to express something in Latvian! Maybe a long-forgotten old word turns out to be suitable for today. But maybe you can come up with a new word and write your name in the history of the Latvian language," urged the President.

Levits invites young people both in Latvia and elsewhere in the world to express in a short video why the Latvian language is loved and dear to everyone. "Share this post with your friends and challenge them to the same! It's going to be something new and maybe amazing for each of you and all of us together."

"Let's talk, let's think of our country - hence - in Latvian!" the president invited.