Let’s Shake Hands!

  • 2023-06-01

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, millions of children had to leave their country and disrupt their education. A new wave of immigration is anticipated by the United Nations with many of these individuals being mothers and their children. The relentless war has tragically disrupted the educational journeys of Ukrainian students, forcing them into hiding, constant displacement, rendering it nearly impossible for them to pursue their studies. Such a life is far from what any child should endure! Beyond securing a safe haven, it is essential that every child has the opportunity to access education, enabling them to acquire vital knowledge and skills. A charity organization Let's Shake Hands aims to assist these young individuals in adapting to their new lives abroad. By connecting Ukrainian children with volunteer mentors from around the world, Let's Shake Hands seeks to provide educational support and foster cross-cultural friendships.

This charity project was started at the beginning of the war by a 16-year-old Ukrainian teenager Ivan Lepskiy. Recognizing the struggles of children from Ukraine, Ivan was inspired to create a support network that could offer guidance and friendship to those in need. What started as a small idea soon blossomed into a global community, uniting thousands of mentors and students. The project serves as a testament to the power of compassion and solidarity.

The Let's Shake Hands assists Ukrainian children by providing language learning opportunities in their new countries. Through interactive classes and engaging games, mentors facilitate the acquisition of foreign languages while creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. Additionally, mentors offer guidance on adapting to a new life, answering questions, and providing useful information about their host countries. By addressing educational needs and fostering peer connections, Let's Shake Hands brings hope and positivity into the lives of these young refugees.

Charity invites young people worldwide to become mentors and make a significant difference in the lives of Ukrainian children affected by the war. No teaching expertise is required, only a willingness to help and support. As a mentor, you will develop essential skills such as time management, communication, and creative thinking. The Let's Shake Hands team also prioritizes mentor development, organizing master classes, livestreams with professionals, and other valuable events.

The Let's Shake Hands is an inspiring initiative that offers hope, education, and friendship to Ukrainian children affected by war. Together, we can create a brighter future and demonstrate the power of compassion and unity. 

Link to the website - https://letshakehands.com/