Latvian Russian Union very close to being hit with sanctions - Straume

  • 2022-06-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Latvian Russian Union is very close to being hit with sanctions, as the Corruption Prevention Bureau's Chief Janis Straume said in an interview with TV3.

Asked whether the party could be denied state funding due to its suspected anti-state activities, Straume said that, in order to take legal action on this issue, a regulatory framework is needed, which Saeima is currently working on.

Saeima is considering amendments to the Law on Political Parties, which will prohibit political parties from denying war crimes or expressing support for destruction of the sovereignty or territorial integrity of a democratic country.

Once the amendments are approved, the authorities will be able to suspend operations of political parties engaged in anti-state activities and propaganda of war, in which case the will no longer receive state financing.

Asked whether this could happen to the Latvian Russian Union, Straume said: "I think it should have happened a long time ago."