Latvian cities not to have fireworks for New Year's Eve due to geopolitical situation and energy crisis

  • 2022-11-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Taking into account the current geopolitical situation and energy crisis, Latvian cities will not have fireworks for New Year's Eve this year, the Association of Latvian Cities' Managing Director Viktors Valainis (Greens/Farmers) told LETA.

Latvian cities' mayors have agreed after informal talks that there would be no fireworks displays in Latvian cities on New Year's Eve, however, if a city decides otherwise, it will not be deterred from organizing a fireworks display.

"Many people enjoy fireworks, however, taking into consideration that refugees from the war-torn Ukraine have arrived in Latvia this year who may be distressed by loud bangs, we have agreed that there would be no fireworks this year," said Valainis.

Furthermore, local governments must also keep in mind the ongoing energy crisis and austerity measures, and they should rather use any spare funds they may have to support local residents, said Valainis.