Latvia sees challenges to Baltic States' security in Russia's expanding military capabilities

  • 2020-01-02
  • Interfax/TBT Staff

RIGA - The main challenges to security in the Baltic region are related to increasing Russian military capabilities and military provocations, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics said in an annual report on foreign policy results.

"The development of military capabilities clearly demonstrates Russia's desire to gain advantage in the competition with NATO. Although the probability of real incidents is assessed as low, given the high centralization of political power in Russia and its invariable ambitions to control its neighbors, the regional security situation may change within a very short period of time," the report cited by the BNS agency said.

The report's section on trans-Atlantic relations and international security notes that Russia continued acting against the principles of international law and that such actions were aimed at confrontation with the West.

A concentration of military forces and weapons in Russia's city of Kaliningrad and Western Military District and mock blocking of maritime routes (staged during an exercise) are a deliberate demonstration of force, the report said, while urging to keep an eye of Russia's military cooperation with Belarus, given the latter's geographical proximity.