Latvia joins EU member states expressing concerns about emergency measures' impact on rule of law and European values

  • 2020-04-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia has joined a group of European Union (EU) member states expressing concerns about the impact some emergency measures that are being taken amid the Covid-crisis can have on the rule of law and European values, LETA was told at the Foreign Ministry. 

In a joint statement the group of EU member states indicate that in the current unprecedented situation, it is legitimate that member states adopt extraordinary measures to protect their citizens and overcome the crisis. However, they express concerns about the risk of violations of the principles of rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights arising from the adoption of certain emergency measures. 

"Emergency measures should be limited to what is strictly necessary, should be proportionate and temporary in nature, subject to regular scrutiny, and respect the aforementioned principles and international law obligations. They should not restrict the freedom of expression or the freedom of the press," the member states stress in the statement. 

"We need to jointly overcome this crisis and to jointly uphold our European principles and values on this path. We therefore support the European Commission initiative to monitor the emergency measures and their application to ensure the fundamental values of the Union are upheld, and invite the General Affairs Council to take up the matter when appropriate," the statement says.