Latvia: Most residents not happy with government's performance, economic situation

  • 2018-09-13
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Although Maris Kucinskis' (Greens/Farmers) government has been praising itself for Latvia's swift economic growth, residents are not too happy about the current economic situation in Latvia, according to the Latvian Barometer study that SKDS sociological research center carried out in August.

According to SKDS head Arnis Kaktins, only 5 percent of respondents said they considered the economic situation in Latvia good. 46 percent said it was mediocre, while 46 percent believe it to be bad, including 10 percent who said that the economic situation was awful. These figures have returned to the levels recorded in 2015 after a slight dip in 2016 and 2017.

Only 29 percent of respondents agreed that Latvia was overall on the right track, while 53 percent said this was not so. The best results were observed in July 2015, when 33 percent said that Latvia was on the right track and 43 percent said it was not.

According to the latest Latvian Barometer, only 22 percent of residents are satisfied with the government's performance, while 73 percent are not satisfied. Not a lot has changed since Kucinskis took office, and it appears that residents' opinion about the government's work will be the same when a new prime minister is appointed.

Likewise, not many residents believe that the economic situation in Latvia is improving - just 16 percent of respondents said so. 48 percent think that the economic situation is not changing, and 26 percent believe it is getting worse, added Kaktins.

When asked to evaluate their families' financial situation, 13 percent of respondents said it was good, 58 percent - average, and 28 percent said it was bad.

18 percent of residents believe that their financial situation will improve in the next twelve months, 57 percent believe it will not change and 10 percent say it will deteriorate.