Latvia-based Wandoo Finance's Credit Line launch in Romania ramps up company's international expansion

  • 2023-07-03

Wandoo Finance, a Latvia-based fintech company operating in Spain and Poland, has recently launched its business in Romania with a new Credit Line product under the brand ‘Avinto’. The product offers customers a flexible credit line ranging from 200 to 6000 LEI (Romanian Leu), with a tenor of 2 years. This is a significant milestone for Wandoo Finance as it continues to expand its financial solutions to underserved customer segments across international markets.

Wandoo Finance is a vertically integrated fintech company built on cutting-edge technology that utilizes machine learning capabilities. The company's unique capability lies in its ability to provide simple access to money while following responsible lending principles and ensuring attractive returns to investors. Wandoo Finance has gained recognition from customers as the company’s dedication to responsible lending sets it apart from others in the fintech industry. 

With the launch of its Credit Line product in Romania, Wandoo Finance aims to offer customers a more flexible and affordable way of borrowing money. The credit line product provides customers with access to funds up to a pre-approved limit, with interest charged only on the amount drawn down. This feature is particularly attractive to customers who may not need the full amount of the loan upfront, but may require access to additional funds in the future.

Compared to traditional PDL (Pay Day Loan) or installment loan products, Wandoo Finance's Credit Line product has several benefits. Firstly, it offers customers more flexibility. They can borrow and repay funds as and when needed, rather than being locked into a fixed repayment schedule. This flexibility allows customers to manage their finances more effectively and avoid defaulting on their loans. Additionally, the interest rates charged on the credit line product are generally lower than those on PDL or installment loans, making it a more affordable option for customers. Moreover, the product comes with a transparent and straightforward fee structure. Customers are only charged interest on the amount they withdraw and for the duration of the funds being returned. There are no hidden fees or charges, which makes it easy for customers to understand the cost of borrowing. And finally, Wandoo Finance's Credit Line product comes with a simple online registration process and user-friendly web interface. That allows customers to manage their credit line easily. Customers can track their spending, view their balance, and make repayments online using personal access, making it a hassle-free experience.

“Wandoo Finance's launch of its Credit Line product in Romania has been a success. We can expect to see more customers benefiting from this innovative product in the future,” according to Iveta Bruvele, the founder and shareholder of Wandoo Finance. “It is just the beginning of Wandoo’s exciting expansion journey. The company has a strong commitment to responsible lending principles. And it aims to offer innovative financial solutions to underserved customer segments across international markets.” Wandoo Finance stands out among others in the fintech industry due to its advanced technology and adherence to responsible lending principles.  

“Romania has a thriving fintech industry and a growing number of tech-savvy consumers, making it an ideal market for Wandoo Finance's innovative financial solutions. With a population of over 19 million people and a GDP of approximately $250 billion, Romania presents a significant opportunity for Wandoo Finance to tap into a customer segment that has limited access to financial services provided by traditional banks.,” according to Raivo Tambors, CEO of Wandoo Finance.

“The launch of Wandoo Finance's Credit Line product in Romania demonstrates the company's confidence in the market's potential and its commitment to expanding its reach to serve customers in need of flexible, fast and affordable online financial services,” says Lucian Pruna, CEO of Wandoo Finance Romania. “As the world moves at an ever-increasing pace, our customers deserve to receive financial services at a faster, more improved rate. I am honored to have been entrusted with the responsibility of leading Wandoo Finance’s business in Romania.” 

Wandoo Finance's Credit Line launch in Romania under the ‘Avinto’ brand is a significant milestone for the company's international expansion, marking another successful step in offering international customers transparent, affordable and accessible financial solutions. As Wandoo Finance grows its business and expands its reach, it is poised to become a leading player in the fintech industry and a vital partner for customers in need of reliable financial services. 

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