Konferencem.lv – your aid in finding venues for corporate and private events

  • 2017-04-12

Are you looking for a meeting venue to host a seminar, training or corporate event? Have you run out of time and patience to browse through the Internet searching for suitable options? Konferencem.lv will be your convenient and direct guide to finding the most suitable venue!

Konferencem.lv gathers various companies in one place offering options for organizing conferences. It provides the possibility to choose from more than 400 meeting rooms of different styles and capacity. Konferencem.lv will help you save time spent in lengthy correspondences just to clarify service possibilities and will ease your effort in finding a suitable conference venue. This year, by using the search engine, 259 requests for various venues have already been sent.

EASY – by selecting preconditions essential to the event, the appropriate companies are automatically selected.

CLEAR – each conference venue comes with a description of services, detailed information about conference halls, capacity, photos, location, etc.

CONVENIENT – the possibility to send a request for organizing an event by using a template. Your request will be sent to the company you choose, without redundant intermediaries. Only you and the service provider are in charge of the event planning and costs.

QUICK – you will find a detailed description of the information requested in your email. Forget about time-consuming correspondence.

BENEFICIAL – by sending your request via Konferencem.lv, you will receive friendly and beneficial terms for organizing events. Offers are valid only to Konferencem.lv users.

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