JKP's budget approach not very constructive - Dombrava

  • 2019-09-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The New Conservative Party's (JKP) approach in budget formation talks is not very constructive at the moment, National Alliance board member Janis Dombrava told LETA.

''Taking into account that all of the parties have been gradually moving forward towards a common solution, such an approach is not very constructive,'' said Dombrava, adding that there had been positive discussion outcomes among coalition partners in recent days.

Dombrava said that starting budget talks from scratch ''would not be the best approach in the current situation''.

He said that each political party has had to make some compromises and back off on some of their priorities. ''For example, we wanted more money for measures to improve the demographic situation, but our resources are not unlimited, so we backed down on some of them,'' he said.

The MP expressed hoped that coalition parties will be able to reach a compromise and move forward with productive budget talks.

As reported, the New Conservative Party will most probably insist on its original proposals during the budget talks, including that the minimum wage and non-taxable minimum be raised to EUR 500 a month.

Due to objections from the New Conservative Party's ministers today, consideration of next year's state budget priorities has been postponed for a week. This was due to differences of opinion regarding the deadlines for the construction of the new Liepaja Prison.

The New Conservative Party's leader, Justice Minister Janis Bordans said after the government meeting today that his party had its own political priorities: lifting the poverty line, eradicating the shadow economy, and raising the minimum wage. Education, transport as well as judiciary issues are also among the party's priorities, the minister added.

"Given that other coalition partners wanted to go ahead despite our objections and suggestions, we urged the prime minister to honor the coalition agreement. The talks will continue. The New Conservative Party will stand by its values and ideas, and offer solutions," said the politician.

Bordans said his party had made concessions over "many positions". 

When asked if the fact that the New Conservative Party will insist that its priorities be included in the budget actually means that the budget talks will begin from scratch, Bordans replied: "In a way, that is the correct."