In response to ban on assemblies and organized events, few people commemorate Latvian Legionnaires at Freedom Monument

  • 2020-03-16
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In response to a ban on assemblies and the cancellation of all organized events, people this morning have chosen to avoid gathering at the Freedom Monument to commemorate Latvian Legionnaires, LETA observed.

Individual people are arriving to lay flowers at the monument, but they do not stay at the Freedom Monument for a long time.

Three pro-Russia activists have also arrived at the Freedom Monument, the police have spoken to them but they have not been turned away.

A large number of police officers are monitoring the area around the Freedom Monument.

National Alliance informed LETA that Latvian Legionnaires had been honored since early morning, with the people laying flowers at the Freedom Monument. All people who arrive at the monument act in accordance with the state of emergency rules, keeping a distance from others. Members of Daugavas Vanagi, Latvian National Soldiers' Association and National Alliance laid flowers at the Freedom Monument early in the morning.

The Crisis Management Council decided on Saturday to ban all public, holiday, commemorative, entertainment, cultural, sports and recreational events, including events taking place at nightclubs, as well rallies, parades, protests and gatherings for religious activities.