Grybauskaite's message: Nauseda will be responsible for safeguarding Constitution

  • 2019-07-12
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuania's former President Dalia Grybauskaite said on Friday the country's new President Gitanas Nauseda will bear huge responsibility burden not only for the state's security, people's wellbeing by also for safeguarding the Constitution.

"I would like to express my delight over the fact that our state is capable of electing its leaders in a democratic and dignified way and respects them. People put a lot of expectation, trust and do that peacefully and joyfully. But that means that the new president will bear huge responsibility burden and the Constitution will be the only signpost. And people's will, naturally. And that burden is not only about our state's security, about people's wellbeing, but as well as about safeguarding the Constitution from attempts made on it," Grybauskaite said on Friday, addressing the parliament.

She also underlined that the burden of responsibility will follow both the president and his family every minute.

"I would always have certain documents in my back when I used to travel abroad, to have them under my hand in case of any change in the security situation. And the new president will have to do that as well as every minute, wherever you are, at home or abroad, we are and will be presidents who are responsible for the security of the state and our people in case of external aggression or internal misunderstanding or a serious problem," the former president said.

"The family will have to share that responsibility 24/7. There will be no days-off. No vacations. It's a commitment and duty before our people. For our state, for our future," Grybauskaite said.

Ending her speech in the Seimas, Grybauskaite wished the new president patience, strength and public support.

"We, presidents, are accountable to our people and the Constitution only, therefore, I really wish everyone to help to lead the state as it’s not the responsibility of one person, it’s the responsibility of everyone who elected this president. Therefore, all people are responsible for helping this president to do the job," Grybauskaite said.

She decided to deliver her final speech impromptu after deciding against reading the prepared text.

Grybauskaite, 63, served as Lithuania's president two terms since 2009.