Greens/Farmers will not support Karins-led government - Lembergs

  • 2022-10-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Union of Greens and Farmers will not support a government led by New Unity leader Krisjanis Karins, Aivars Lembergs, a member of Ventspils City Council (For Latvia and Ventspils) and Greens/Farmers' candidate for prime minister, said in an interview published in Diena daily. 

Lembergs believes that as prime minister Karins has led Latvia into a deep crisis. If the president nominates Karins for premiership, Greens/Farmers will not support him and will not engage in any coalition talks with or without Lembergs. "It does not matter whether Lembergs is there or not," Diena quoted the former Ventspils mayor as saying. 

Asked if Greens/Farmers would be ready to cooperate with other political parties in the 14th Saeima and sit in opposition for the next four years, Lembergs did not give a straight answer but claimed that Karins wants to keep the post of prime minister at all costs and that "no external forces can depose him". 

One of Greens/Farmers leaders, Viktors Valainis, told journalists following a meeting with President Egils Levits on Monday that before formulating their position, Greens/Farmers will wait for other parties of announce their decisions. 

Greens/Farmers respect voters' choice and understand what other parties' next steps might be, Valainis said, adding that the party will comment on them when they are taken.