Germany's strategically important decision to significantly strengthen its presence in Lithuania is also very important for Latvia - ambassador

  • 2022-08-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Germany's strategically important decision to significantly strengthen its presence in Lithuania is also very important for Latvia, as it helps to create the prerequisites for the deployment of allied brigades in each Baltic state, the new Latvian Ambassador to Germany Alda Vanaga told LETA.

She welcomed Germany's active involvement in strengthening the security and defense of the Baltic States. In addition to leading NATO's Forward Presence battle group in Lithuania, Germany participates in patrolling the airspace of the Baltic states and has sent soldiers to NATO's military headquarters in Latvia.

Vanaga emphasized that cooperation between Latvia and Germany in the field of defense is especially relevant in the context of Russian aggression in Ukraine. In her opinion, it is now necessary to take advantage of the opportunity and improve understanding of important security and defense issues for both countries.

The ambassador also pointed out that Germany is one of Latvia's most important trade partners - with a pronounced growth trend and excellent examples of cooperation in the fields of transport, logistics and technology. According to Vanaga, Latvia and Germany have unused cooperation and investment potential in such fields of science and new technologies as, for example, biomedicine, smart materials, medical technologies.

She noted that, taking into account the specifics of Germany, it is important to promote cooperation with individual federal states as well.

"A significant part of my work in Germany will be taken up by strengthening economic cooperation, especially focusing on attracting German investments, for example in high technologies. It will also be important to work to reduce the negative consequences of the Russian war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic on the field of tourism. Reviving the interest of German tourists in Latvia as a safe and attractive travel destination will be one of the priorities of my work," said Vanaga.

The ambassador also emphasized that more than 40,000 Latvian nationals live in Germany. She pointed out that it is one of the largest and most active diaspora communities outside of Latvia.

Vanaga expressed her joy about the active diaspora organizations, including the implementation of important and meaningful events, using the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MA). The ambassador plans to support Latvian organizations in Germany, both by participating in the events organized by them and by planning and creating closer cooperation ties between Latvia and Germany.