Gender parity reached in the Nordic Aviation Group management team

  • 2023-01-24

The Nordic Aviation Group announces the start of a new era in their history: with the joining of Latvian-born Inese Sitko-Bulle to the Management Team, gender-parity among leadership has been reached for the first time with the adhering talent to the new hires.

“It is not at all that we have been specifically searching for more women to our management team, on the contrary, we have welcomed the best competence and background for the position. However, doing so we can state that we have reached a rare gender parity which we believe is a positive fact and talks for itself, “ Jan Palmer, the CEO of Nordic Aviation Group says. “Aviation is traditionally a very male-dominated business and we are happy to see it changing with more women interested in entering and developing within our very technical, complex and exciting business,” he adds.

“We would also want to see more women working as pilots – that is another topic we would like to bring forth, inviting many to the profession - there is much to discover,” Toomas Uibo, the Head of Marketing, Communication and Sustainability comments the corporate news and says the company is definitely in good hands now. “Women in leadership make balanced decisions and bring benefit to the bottom-line as research shows. We warmly welcome both, expertise and values to make a good team. We should leave all stereotypes behind and encourage women to play a greater role in managing businesses,” Uibo explains and adds expertise is the number one criteria in the recruitment policy of the group. He underlines that standing for equal opportunities for both - men and women - is a must. The new hire will contribute to keeping the company on track with decisions deriving from KPIs in its rapid growth he says.

The Nordic Aviation Group operates two trusted airlines, Xfly and Nordica, flying for major European airlines and charter companies on their requested routes, and do not sell tickets on their own. The Group is currently a caring employer to over 650 aviation specialists. Within the next few months the company is planning to recruit other 250 great new colleagues. The group currently operates a fleet of 20 aircraft the number of which is predicted to grow by the end of the year. The company also stands for disseminating Nordic values in work culture and is committed to meet modern quality requirements set for airlines in Europe. Both Xfly and Nordica are oriented to long-term strategic cooperation with major airlines of Europe and beyond.