Forgaminnt Kids: making your kid smile brighter in comfy Latvia-made garments

  • 2021-09-29
  • Linas Jegelevicius

Founded in 2018 by two Latvian sisters, Zita Bauze and Aiva Bauze, Forgaminnt Kids, a children’s garment maker, has already become a recognizable brand not only in Latvia, but also in Europe.

“We are happy that Forgaminnt Kids products are now available in stores in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria and Turkey. We have also just started cooperating with a wholesaler in China,” Aiva Bauze told The Baltic Times Magazine.

“I am proud that this is a family business that we run with my sister,” she added.

The success story of the Latvian company has also been featured in several children's magazines in Germany, France and Belgium.

“Parents want to dress their children nicely, with quality clothing no matter what. And, surely, kids want to look good and cosy in their garments. Appealing design is very important to both of them and us too,” Aiva Bauze smiles.

The company strives for excellence and goes in lockstep with innovations – Forgaminnt produces children’s clothing and toys that contain the innovative material, amber yarn.

“Amber Touch fabric is made from a special material consisting of 100 percent cotton and incorporating the innovative amber thread,” the businesswoman said. “The main characteristics of amber are: thermoregulating, anti-allergic, calming and soothing.”

The toys are eco-friendly, as the company uses only environmentally friendly materials: dyed yarn, 100 percent organic cotton and the amber thread filling, Oeko-Tex, and 100 percent certified Corn fibre.

Despite the blow to Forgaminnt Kids by the global coronavirus crisis, the company did not switch gears to a lower run, but, in fact, has retained the pace, is developing and exporting – even more.

“Yet at the beginning, we felt the cautiousness of our customers for a while – no orders were placed, production and sales temporarily stopped. We had already started cooperating with distributors in Italy, a lot of time and energy had been invested, but COVID-19 stopped this cooperation,” Aiva Bauze revealed.

All the toys are produced in Latvia, the fabric knitting as well as sewing of clothes and accessories takes place in Lithuania.

The toys are sold not only at the company’s online store shop | forgaminnt, but also in an etsy shop.

“In 10 years, I see Forgaminnt being a bright and recognizable brand – not only across Europe but beyond,” Aiva Bauze confided.