For the first time in Estonia, small investors can invest in a solar park

  • 2020-04-14
  • TBT Staff

Solarfund has started a crowdfunding campaign where potential investors have the opportunity to buy a share in the ownership of a solar park. With this investment, it is possible to buy a profitable share in a solar park and invest in renewable energy and a cleaner environment. The joint funding campaign of the first community-owned solar park will be launched on the Fundwise platform.

Very few people have access to real estate and the necessary technology for producing solar energy. It is either too expensive or too complicated to do it as a private person. It is more realistic and profitable to work together to build a larger solar park, and this is why Solarfund was created. Solarfund is unique with its broad ownership-base in the renewable energy sector. This allows small investors to join in and participate.

Solarfund OÜ builds solar parks on either rented or purchased property, then sells the electricity that is produced. A park's life span is expected to be over 30 years with positive cash flow from the beginning of operations. Solar energy projects are developed through planned stages, starting with the first stage built to an energy profile of 1.5mw. “Over the years, solar technology has changed to become more reliable, efficient and accessible, thus making it a serious way to generate electricity. I am confident that Solarfund has found its place under the sun to bring together many people. This community can share in the profitability of solar energy and add value to knowing that they have contributed to creating a better environment,“ said Jaak Urm, Solarfund’s partner and founder.

It may seem like amid our current crisis that green energy and sustainable economy themes are no longer a priority, but in the words of one of the main investors for Solarfund Ülari Niinemägi he claims that this is not the case. „If anything, this time of crisis should have us considering our regular consumer habits and how those affect the environment around us. On the other hand, we have to consider how we as a society will have electricity even in situations of unexpected crises. An economic crisis or epidemic will not interfere with wind and sun, therefore if we use a variety of methods for producing energy, we will be ensured of having a power supply,“ said Niinemägi.

Fundwise’s board member Henri Laupmaa has said that renewable energy will have a growing part in our energy production. „Solarfund’s solar park can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. At the same time this is a highly profitable opportunity for all small investors to be a part of,“ said Laupmaa. He added that our current situation has shown that electricity is needed at all times.

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