• 2021-12-07

Trendy flavours, new ice cream categories and further ice cream premiumisation among Winter season trends

Recognized international ice cream developer and distributer, the Food Union Group continues to invest in developing new products to connect with consumers across key markets as it shows that frozen treats are just as delicious in autumn and winter as they are during the high summer season. “Our innovation cycle is tailored to our goal of creating and delivering the products the consumer wants, where they want them and in the way they want them. From the idea or consumer insight to the sensory testing and packaging solution, everything must lead to a commercially successful product. This is how we see real consumer-centric innovation and how we measure our success,” says Normunds Stanevics, CEO of Food Union Group in Europe.

Summer novelties show great results

For Summer season 2021 Food Union launched a record amount of 124 unique ice cream novelties across 8 markets. In most of the markets, the ice cream novelties designed by the Food Union Group companies showed a leading position in the local markets. For example, according to Nielsen value share data for the period May - August 2021, 8 of the top-10 new products in Latvia were presented by Food Union, 7 of the top-10 novel products in Estonia were Premia products, while 3 of the top-10 in Lithuania were Premia branded products. The commercial success of these products is a combination of a well-understood consumer need embodied in a quality product and delivered in a market-appropriate brand and price positioning.

Winter novelties sets a high bar for cold season

Gourmands can look forward to a Winter season of 2021 coloured by rich and saturated flavours across Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Danish markets. Food Union’s new product development team has worked on 16 novelties for the cold season based on consumer demands and preferences.

Key trends Food Union Group focuses are:
- Further premiumisation of ice cream through even more thorough choice of a core ingredient – natural cream – and generous amount of expressive juicy and crunchy additives for unforgettable ice cream experience. Food Union’s company in Estonia is launching a new product line with 3 different flavours under its heritage brand Premia named Premia Cream de la Cream promising the ultimate taste experience;
- Expanding product portfolio by stepping into totally new categories. Legendary brand Pols in Latvia and Lithuania launches ice cream bites – small, one-bite ice cream “snow peaks” covered in creamy chocolate to create even more ice cream tasting moments – as an addition to one’s coffee break, small treat for kids or for sharing among loved ones. However, heritage brand in Denmark Premier Is launches ice cream accessories – sprinkles, sauces, wafer cones, special ice cream spoon and tray, in addition to real Danish cream ice cream for even more fun and indulging moments at home;
- Ongoing innovations in big formats that this cold season are guided by experiments with textures and layers creating trendy flavours like Pumpkin Spice Latte ice cream or Milk souffle (also known as bird’s milk ice cream). This set of novelties represent creaminess of ice cream that is enriched with expressive sauces, crunchy additives, or softness of dough, making ice cream a go-to-choice for full-fledged dessert courses and fun family gatherings. Available under Ekselence brand in Latvia.


Food Union is a leading, innovative consumer goods company that develops local brands and delivers delightful products in Europe, Belarus, Russia, China and Pacific Asia. Food Union is currently the leading ice cream producer in the Baltics and Denmark, and the group holds a strong market position in Norway, Romania, Russia and Belarus. The leading dairy group is backed by Hong Kong-based investment company Meridian Capital Limited, and one of Asia’s largest private capital firms PAG.